Leopard to Camo and Booties

After the ill-fated incident with my leopard pumps, I decided to mix it up and purchase a pair of suede booties instead. I am so not a bootie person, but I was really drawn to this collage on Pinterest Told Me To and decided to try it out.

I don’t own camo pants, either, but I have my eyes set on these 1969 camo front-zip always skinny jeans from Gap.

1969 camo front-zip always skinny jeans

Just waiting for a good sale! Anyway, the booties. I spotted these Merona Molly Shooties in Taupe at Target, and immediately realized that they would be a good first bootie for me. The vamp of the shoe is lower, so it’s more like a shoe than a boot. Hence the “shootie” name. And even if I am never brave enough to wear ’em with skinnies, they will look great under long bootcut jeans as well.

Women's Merona® Molly Shootie - Taupe

I can’t wait to try them out! Hello, Mother Nature? It’s past Labor Day. No more 90+ degree days, please! Mama needs some fall clothes!

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